Our Story

Rancho Pharmacy, A better pharmacy!

Here to support wellness in the East County Region of San Diego.

We are Your Neighborhood Pharmacy

Years ago, a pharmacy was a small town neighborhood pharmacy were people filled their prescriptions and gathered as a community. The pharmacist knew every customer by name and children would stop by after school to grab a quick snack. Over the years pharmacy has changed from the small town neighborhood pharmacy to a less personable experience.

Sadly, pharmacy service has declined. With longer wait times, little to no communication with the pharmacist, and no options for patients with transportation difficulties, a trip to the pharmacy has become a cumbersome task.

As a pharmacist I have set out to create a pharmacy that brings back the days of the neighborhood pharmacy.  Rancho Pharmacy was created with a mission to serve the community by individualized approach.  We want to know each and every one of our patients, and greet all customers by their name. Here at Rancho Pharmacy we strive to offer convenient, reliable service. We also go beyond just filling your prescription, by offering a variety of additional services and products, including compounding, educational classes, community events and much more!

Unable to come to the pharmacy? No problem, we offer same day delivery to areas within a 5 mile radius.

At Rancho Pharmacy we are here to listen and help serve the community. Every patient should have a pharmacist they know and trust. Stop by and talk to us to learn more about Rancho Pharmacy.

Our mission is to nurture the health of our customers and the community we serve.

Our Core Values


We are passionate about the field of pharmacy and healthcare and strive to serve as a source of knowledge for are practitioners and patients. Solidifying trust with our community.


We stand by our word to doing the right thing, providing reliable, caring service. Caring for you and about you, each and every day.


We are committed to transparency. Providing our patients with information so that you are able to make the best decisions for yourself and loved ones.


We are dedicated to serving our fellow community by listening, providing and helping our patients meet their health goals.  Delivering you an exceptional experience each time you step foot into our door.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our commitment is to provide outstanding service by helping improve the health and wellness of our community. We are a family owned friendly business and are dedicated to helping people make better decisions for their own health and loved ones. We believe health care should not be complicated and we are here to help.

Ask one of our skilled staff members about the variety of services and products we offer, including delivery services to our residents within close vicinity, durable medical equipment, vitamins and supplements, birth control consults, medication therapy management, immunizations, and many more. We welcome to see you soon!

Meet Our Pharmacist

Dr. Fatima Hamade is the founder and head pharmacist of Rancho Pharmacy. Dr. Hamade has over 20 years of industry experience. She graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan with a bachelors in biological sciences and then went on to pursue a doctorate in pharmacy from Ferris State University. Dr. Hamade is an immunizing pharmacist and board certified pharmacist in ambulatory care with 10 years of specialized clinical practice. In addition, she served as an adjunct instructor at Henry Ford College and taught pharmacology to health care professionals.

Dr. Hamade has extensive training in compounding pharmacy and holds certifications in veterinary medicine and dermatology. She is committed to empowering patients to reach their goals by providing health education.

In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and spending quality time with her family.


We established Rancho Pharmacy to bring a convenient, local, high-quality, personalized pharmacy. Dr. Fatima Hamade, is a board certified pharmacist, with a passion to service the community. We believe that each and every patient is more than a prescription number.

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We understand that each person is unique. If a patient is in need of medication that is not commercially available, we have the capability of creating a custom compound. We can also custom dosages to help patients that may have difficulty swallowing a pill.

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