Is it COVID or Is it My Allergies?

Is it COVID or is it my allergies?

Spring is the season of pollen and that means allergies. But what if you are experiencing symptoms how do you know it is not COVID and it’s just your alleriges?

Symptoms of COVID vs Allergies 

Well per the CDC symptoms of COVID include a cough, fever, and sore throat. With allergies you will not experience a fever. This is a big clue that if you have a fever, it’s probably something other than your allergies.

WIth allergies you may experience itchiness in your throat, but it should not feel sore. Also, with allergies you may experience itchy eyes, nose and ears.

With COVID you might feel extreme exhaustion, this not common with allergies.  In addition, if it is your allergies you might have a runny nose and congestion and possibly a cough. However if you are feeling short of breath, where you are having trouble breathing this is probably not due to your allergies and is something else that needs medical attention.

If you are having trouble breathing or experiencing bluish lips or face, confusion or persistent pain or pressure in the chest you should seek medical attention immediately.

This post is not designed to substitute medical advice from your provider. If you have concerns, please always contact your healthcare provider.


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